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Breath comes easy in the breeze,Sensing the levity from these feelings,Coming hard and fast but with ease,You no longer being near, reeling.You told me I had to share,But he has you in his embrace,My heart has one big tare,Tears stream down from my face.Why can I not feel your face,Did we have to be,The love leaves scars I cannot erase,If I fall I know I will be free.I look down from my perch,My lonely heart peers into this abyss,I feel my heart pushing as I lurch,I step off into this.Falling …Was it worth it?I will never need to know.Written by Chris E. Morganroth IVSubmitted by Chris E. Morganroth IVModified by Chris E. Morganroth IV

#falling, #love, #reeling, #embrace