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someone so badHere I am, I'm in the wrong bed againIt's a game I just can't winThere you are breathin' soft on my skinStill you won't let me in(BRIDGE)Why save your kisses for a rainy dayBabe let the moment take your heart away(CHORUS)Have you ever needed someone so bad, yeahHave you ever wanted someoneYou just couldn't haveDid you ever try so hardThat your world just fell apartHave you ever needed someone so badAnd you're the girl I gotta haveI gotta have you babyThere you go, midnight promises againBut they're broken by the dawnYou wanna go further, faster everyday babeBut in the morning you'll be goneAnd I'm alonerepeat BRIDGErepeat CHORUSEvery dream I dream is likeSome kinda rash 'n' reckless sceneTo give out such crazy loveYou must be some kinda drugAnd if my time don't ever comeFor me you're still the oneDamned if I don't, damned if I doI gotta get a fix on yourepeat CHORUS until fade
Written by Def Leppard
Submitted by Chris E. Morganroth IV