Love-shower Makes Peace Flower

· mvvenkataraman
Love can build or break Love can cure or give ache If one's kindness is fake Soon apply the brake   If one kindly proposes And the other refuses Wisdom, if one chooses Peace, it then produces   Love is to heart a fuel No love is indeed cruel Love's power is dual 1 is loyal, two, no duel   Love multiplies courage And ends one's rage It heals at every stage Is it not an advantage !   Love does a miracle By removing obstacle it helps us finely tackle As we never at all buckle   Please love always On all the coming days Love has God's grace As peace, we all face   To love, go ahead With guts in head Let kindness be said Let hatred fall dead   When are affectionate We cancel an ill-fate Make mood

Grasping For Air Part 2

· CherryDanny
I see you there, laying in bed, staring straight into my eyes, directly at my soul. I see you biting your lips, it’s a signal of your desire for me. I walk over and bend down to kiss you, our lips entwined. My hands wander around, stroking your breasts and making their way down to your pussy. I start rubbing in a circular motion, only to hear your slight moan. I stop and look at you. I can see it in your eyes, you want more of it. I kiss your neck, then your chest, to your stomach..Once I reach your panties, I’ll bite them and tug them off. I look up and see your face so eager for more. I give it a lick and see you shiver a bit. I continue and begin swirling my tongue against your clit. And

Note this Quote for a Safe Route

· mvvenkataraman
If kindness is missing, only doom. we will be kissing If we can't lovingly tolerate, we then reach a sad state If we fail to reciprocate love, life, we easily complicate If we don't adjust and love, we will get no one's trust Always if we doubt, our peace of mind will be out Once we miss a kind person, we create hatred-prison If we fail to give back a smile, our life will surely fail If anger is by us used, we are to a demon reduced If we foolishly drop a proposal, our grief is colossal An understanding wife removes in life each strife.   mvvenkataraman

Her World

· Felix Lugo
"Her World" She sees the world but does the world even notice her? Her words are loud yet only she can hear them. She feels alone in a world filled with people. Through her eyes you can almost feel her sadness. She pleases others but who would make her feel at ease? Year after year will anyone understand the way she thinks? Her innocence was taken but her pride still remains. She sleeps in sorrow as her heart fears of what life brings tomorrow. The words were loud and within the clouds there was hope. She held on until her hand let go. All that was said and all that was done ripped apart and shaded her sun to the dark. It's cold. She feels numb. Sometimes she feels lost in a maze. With all o

Hi guys!

· Adam The Minccino
Thanks so much for the invite!


· dthy77
All my life, I've been praying for that someone who would love me as I am. Who would understand my desires, encourage my efforts, and share my dreams.   All my life, I've been dreaming of finding that someone. Who would listen to my thoughts, respect my silence, put no limitation to how far I should grow as a person.   All my life, I've been waiting for that someone. Who would keep holdin' on when I need to be held. Who would let go when I need to be alone.   All my life, I've been hoping of finding that someone. Who would let me be my own real self, yet accept and love me just the same. Who would show me the joy of sharing oneself with another in the name of love.   Yes, I've been waiting f


· Dayvuh
Take a deep breath close my eyes. Try not to remember how he felt between my thighs. His strong chiseled body gleaming in the moon's light.  I notice my pulse begin to rise I fight with all my might to remain in control though I've gone amiss Remembering his soft touch His supple kiss.  Inhale slowly. Deeply exhale.             


· dthy77
I've been committed 5x and all spoiled a great romance. I don't want to get committed again and I don't want to live with you either. At this point in my life, I don't want to own someone special. I just want to enjoy one. I don't want to be your everything. I would much rather be that somebody. Who you see once or twice a week. And who makes you feel good. Would that be okay?  

Letting Go

· Felix Lugo
She deserves more than I could ever give her. There was a time where we shared our love for each other. I did not protect that love. I abandoned it. I lost her. We had something special. Our love was pure. Innocent. Somewhere inside me I knew what was the right thing to do.Yet, I failed. I only thought for myself. I was selfish. She gave me her trust. I took advantage. I was wrong.All this time my true love was in front of me. I blinded myself. I saw all but didn’t see her.She waited and waited some more. Through the years her love never faded. There was hope in her heart. My heart was empty. She wanted to fill that hurt.People say in time we eventually learn from our mistakes. She will alwa

I cannot trust you

· Annis ReddXck
I cannot trust you. Do you think that I don't know what is going on. I cannot trust you. Like I don't know you, how long have we been together? I cannot trust you. I am not stupid, I just don't care anyone. You don't respect me, so I will not respect you. Ans still, I cannot trust you.  We are together for the 'family' that we have but we are far from in love. I am yours when you want people to see me being yours, yet you do not include me in all aspects of your life. So, I cannot trust you. I see the people you talk with, I see how you do not include me in your social life. I see how you leave to talk on the phone or how you delete messages from your phone. I will not trust you. You always

The Devil Stays Busy

· Annis ReddXck
The devil stays busy, so should you.      His intentions are to rob and that is what he will do He feeds your fears and insecurities      Slowly showing you misconstrued images of how things could be Steal your joy, and love, and peace, and wealth      Stealing so much of you that you will not even know yourself When you have figured out what is wrong      It will be nearly too late, so much lost and so much gone But even then, at the darkest times, when you cannot feel      The light of God will help you heal You must follow his path and ever stray     All the while remembering that he is the light of the day

Gloom in my Heart-room

· mvvenkataraman
  Sorrow has made a theftNo joy to kindly upliftMind is terribly upsetDo I to fate owe a debt?Fate is cunning terriblyI am living very feeblyRelations are demolishedHappiness is finishedDevils laugh at me loudlyAfter downing me cruellyMind is feeling devastatedAs bitterness is by it tastedGloom has made a tentIn my heart to badly huntI am made mentally blindAs nothing good, I findSun and Moon come and goTo be happy, I don"t knowHeart feels life's severe weightWorry has shown its real mightMy hopes are shatteredI am terribly batteredI only to God ever appealHoping He would healHe alone is my true hopePrayer alone gives scopeI possess no gutsBut, in heart, cutsI am madly drivenAway from Heaven