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No one can see tears In such heavy rain And no one said That I wasn't in pain I swore I'd never lie And I swear I never did But when you gave up My true feelings I hid Don't tell me that you hate me Cause you know that isn't true Otherwise you wouldn't say "I said I love you and I swear I still do" You probably don't like it Cause you don't think I'm hurting like I should But if I had tears to cry You know I f*cking would It breaks my heart to know That you're still going to try To get through to me at all Because it makes me want to die So I'm telling you, move on If you stay you're going to see That you push me farther away Everytime you try and talk to me But if decide to stay And not listen to my words I won't feel bed for you And you get what you deserve "But I can't stop you Falling like a star Sinking like a stone Watching as the world you're in Slowly takes it's toll"
Written by Jess
Submitted by Jess

  • I just don't get it jess,in your poems you act like you care but at the same time it seems like you don't im so confused...but....good job on that one.