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We can feel happy or sad
It depends upon our views
Optimism is a safety pad
When comes a sad news
We can turn easily mad
Or decide to wisely muse
Shock or hope can be had
Both we can surely produce
If we worry, our life turns bad
If trust and faith, we choose
To our peace, we then add
Fearing is of negative... see more use
It stops our feeling glad
If our mind, we abuse
We to loss become dad
God surely rescues
If hope and trust we clad.
Empty, numb cold all  alone
No one to talk to, not even on the phone
Time passes, feelings never fade
Emptiness grows, leaving life in the shade.
I'm numb im life less, im cold and weak
So much so, it hurts to speak
I'm afraid to trust, not allowed to live
Locked up in my home with nothing to give.
It's... see more not your fault, I abused your trust
Let you down, fucked you over but by needs must.
I cant make this right, the damage is done.
But I miss you dearly my second mum
Stuck in the middle, you had to choose
I know that now, I was bound to loose
But fighting so much, against a few
Has left me weak and needing you.
I guess what I mean, or want to say
Is I miss you dearly in every way. 
I don't expect change, I just needed you to know. 
I love you .. . 
I'm so  sorry. . . I never meant to hurt you.
Love can build or break
Love can cure or give ache
If one's kindness is fake
Soon apply the brake
If one kindly proposes
And the other refuses
Wisdom, if one chooses
Peace, it then produces
Love is to heart a fuel
No love is indeed cruel
Love's power is dual
1 is loyal, two, no duel
Love multiplies... see more courage
And ends one's rage
It heals at every stage
Is it not an advantage !
Love does a miracle
By removing obstacle
it helps us finely tackle
As we never at all buckle
Please love always
On all the coming days
Love has God's grace
As peace, we all face
To love, go ahead
With guts in head
Let kindness be said
Let hatred fall dead
When are affectionate
We cancel an ill-fate
Make mood truly great
By opening heart-gate
Love contains a remedy
To end any kind of tragedy
To offer solace it is ready
And rescue from a jeopardy
Love surely heals wound
By saving at each bend
It can wonderfully mend
Upon it, we can depend
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I see you there, laying in bed, staring straight into my eyes, directly at my soul. I see you biting your lips, it’s a signal of your desire for me. I walk over and bend down to kiss you, our lips entwined. My hands wander around, stroking your breasts and making their way down to your pussy. I start... see more rubbing in a circular motion, only to hear your slight moan. I stop and look at you. I can see it in your eyes, you want more of it. I kiss your neck, then your chest, to your stomach..Once I reach your panties, I’ll bite them and tug them off. I look up and see your face so eager for more. I give it a lick and see you shiver a bit. I continue and begin swirling my tongue against your clit. And then I stop, seeing that you began moving your body to my tongue. Your clit is dripping with juice and I take one final lick to clean it up. I pull out my cock, climb on top of you, and insert it slowly. You wrap your legs around my back as I thrust in and out....I hear your panting and I stop for a second and you whispered in my ear “more…” I started back up again, slowly, but increasingly faster and deeper. I could hear your moaning over the throbbing of my beating heart. Beads of sweat drip down from your face. We both sense a feeling of euphoria, your mouth gaping open and we both climax. And there we are, laying together, panting hard, Sleeping the rest of the night away until the sun greets us with sun rays...
If kindness is missing, only doom. we will be kissing
If we can't lovingly tolerate, we then reach a sad state
If we fail to reciprocate love, life, we easily complicate
If we don't adjust and love, we will get no one's trust
Always if we doubt, our peace of mind will be out
Once we miss a kind person,... see more we create hatred-prison
If we fail to give back a smile, our life will surely fail
If anger is by us used, we are to a demon reduced
If we foolishly drop a proposal, our grief is colossal
An understanding wife removes in life each strife.
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"Her World"
She sees the world but does the world even notice her? Her words are loud yet only she can hear them. She feels alone in a world filled with people. Through her eyes you can almost feel her sadness. She pleases others but who would make her feel at ease? Year after year will anyone understand... see more the way she thinks?
Her innocence was taken but her pride still remains. She sleeps in sorrow as her heart fears of what life brings tomorrow. The words were loud and within the clouds there was hope. She held on until her hand let go. All that was said and all that was done ripped apart and shaded her sun to the dark. It's cold. She feels numb. Sometimes she feels lost in a maze.
With all of her grace, she only wished some things could be erased.
Thanks so much for the invite!
All my life, I've been praying for that someone who would love me as I am. Who would understand my desires, encourage my efforts, and share my dreams.
All my life, I've been dreaming of finding that someone. Who would listen to my thoughts, respect my silence, put no limitation to how far I should... see more grow as a person.
All my life, I've been waiting for that someone. Who would keep holdin' on when I need to be held. Who would let go when I need to be alone.
All my life, I've been hoping of finding that someone. Who would let me be my own real self, yet accept and love me just the same. Who would show me the joy of sharing oneself with another in the name of love.
Yes, I've been waiting for this person for so long. And I knew that night at that moment when our eyes first met. You are the one whom I've been dreaming for the past years of my life.
I want you to know that you,too, are loved. You are loved for who you've been in the past, for who you are right now, and whoever you will be in the future.
Yes, you are loved more than you'll ever know. Thank you for being mine. Let's praise God for each other. I'm sure glad we've met.
Take a deep breath
close my eyes.
Try not to remember how he felt between my thighs.
His strong chiseled body gleaming in the moon's light. 
I notice my pulse begin to rise
I fight with all my might to remain in control though I've gone amiss
Remembering his soft touch
His supple kiss. 
Inhale slowly.
Deeply... see more exhale. 
I've been committed 5x
and all spoiled a great romance.
I don't want to get committed again
and I don't want to live with you either.
At this point in my life,
I don't want to own someone special.
I just want to enjoy one.
I don't want to be your everything.
I would much rather be that somebody.
Who... see more you see once or twice a week.
And who makes you feel good.
Would that be okay?
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She deserves more than I could ever give her. There was a time where we shared our love for each other. I did not protect that love. I abandoned it. I lost her. We had something special. Our love was pure. Innocent. Somewhere inside me I knew what was the right thing to do.Yet, I failed. I only thought... see more for myself. I was selfish. She gave me her trust. I took advantage. I was wrong.All this time my true love was in front of me. I blinded myself. I saw all but didn’t see her.She waited and waited some more. Through the years her love never faded. There was hope in her heart. My heart was empty. She wanted to fill that hurt.People say in time we eventually learn from our mistakes. She will always be the one I failed to keep. The one I let go. When all this time she was just trying to build our home.
I cannot trust you.
Do you think that I don't know what is going on.
I cannot trust you.
Like I don't know you, how long have we been together?
I cannot trust you.
I am not stupid, I just don't care anyone. You don't respect me, so I will not respect you.
Ans still, I cannot trust you. 
We are together... see more for the 'family' that we have but we are far from in love.
I am yours when you want people to see me being yours, yet you do not include me in all aspects of your life.
So, I cannot trust you.
I see the people you talk with, I see how you do not include me in your social life.
I see how you leave to talk on the phone or how you delete messages from your phone.
I will not trust you.
You always wonder why I do not answer your phone or look at your phone.
It is not because I hope to never find anything, it is because I know what is there and I am tired of accidentally finding things.
Yet, you want me to trust you.
Just as I get comfortable with you I see messages like, "hey boo" or "I miss you too," with new names and old names...Bonnie, huh.
I want to just snap on you, raise my voice, scream "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THIS HURTS!" 
You will not change and I will not forgive you.
The devil stays busy, so should you.
     His intentions are to rob and that is what he will do
He feeds your fears and insecurities
     Slowly showing you misconstrued images of how things could be
Steal your joy, and love, and peace, and wealth
     Stealing so much of you that you will not... see more even know yourself
When you have figured out what is wrong
     It will be nearly too late, so much lost and so much gone
But even then, at the darkest times, when you cannot feel
     The light of God will help you heal
You must follow his path and ever stray
    All the while remembering that he is the light of the day
Sorrow has made a theftNo joy to kindly upliftMind is terribly upsetDo I to fate owe a debt?Fate is cunning terriblyI am living very feeblyRelations are demolishedHappiness is finishedDevils laugh at me loudlyAfter downing me cruellyMind is feeling devastatedAs bitterness is by it tastedGloom has... see more made a tentIn my heart to badly huntI am made mentally blindAs nothing good, I findSun and Moon come and goTo be happy, I don"t knowHeart feels life's severe weightWorry has shown its real mightMy hopes are shatteredI am terribly batteredI only to God ever appealHoping He would healHe alone is my true hopePrayer alone gives scopeI possess no gutsBut, in heart, cutsI am madly drivenAway from HeavenBy fate, I am kickedBy devils, I am trickedI run madly here and thereAs there is none to careGod goes away from meBy behaving like an enemyMy path has thornsGetting sad dawnsI am to suffer destinedTo quit, I have opined.
There's a moment
A feeling
A falling
A breaking in my mind
I've looked and looked
Wandered and wondered
And I can not find
They say there's a light
But I'm losing this fight
Not sure I ever had it
A thousand lifetimes
I've imagined
And not one
Is etched in stone
Love can soothe our emotion
And give us the best elation
Having a kind relation
Is a lovely possible sedation
When love is in our possession
We succeed in our mission
As love gives us permission
To reach our destination
Love gives us real protection
It makes us do the best action
It gives to two... see more great satisfaction
Its greatness is just no fiction
Love can give maximum cooperation
By avoiding in life possible separation
When love is in its noble operation
Joy to enter makes a preparation
Love puts to heart a healing lubrication
It creates in life a comfortable occasion
Peace of mind, only love can sanction
Love makes our soul normally function.
Love can give us great power
As it makes us a believer
It will bring sure progress
As magic, it does possess
When we are by someone loved
Happiness is to us then allowed
We feel finely joyful and cheerful
As to heal, love is very helpful
Love is always a tonic
It makes us never panic
When... see more love is by us had
To our cheer, it will add
When love is in our side
Our happiness turns wide
We feel immensely blessed
We are by nothing depressed
Love stops disappointment
It gives us a kind sentiment
He who loves feels like a King
Joy to all, his thoughts bring.
#love, #heart, #strength, #joy
You think I care whether you see?
I couldn't give a rats ass what you think of me
I come here because it has been my place
Long before I ever saw your face
I wouldn't marry her
To spite you, or out of hate for you
If you must know it ain't got shit to do with you
I've finally figured out
I'm... see more much better without
If you must know?
Its because I'm happy in ways I never imagined
And at peace with me and all I have and ever will be
I go to work, and sometimes I hate it
But I do it for her
No its not always flashy
Romeo and Juliet
Dumb shit
Like how I was at 18
But I've come to realize
That was a lie
From the moment I met your eyes
You are right, I hate you.
But the why... well, that just isn't true.
When it comes right down to it
All my pain rests on your unforgiving shit.
How I loved you, and was unwilling to let go until it was too late
And I lost the only one that you have ever truly shown more hate.
More hate than you... see more have shown me.
You post your underhanded shit on here, just to see.
But the thing that hurts the most is that I do.
I see it all, too.
You want to marry the woman you lie to
But you want me to stop you.
You try to nudge this door again, once more.
But it is still firmly bolted to the core.
Make your decisions but stop living in the past.
You have one life to live, so live it fast.
Before you know it the best thing is far away.
And you're lefting hating someone else at the end of the day.
And, before I end this letter to you.
I want you to know what I think is true.
You will never be happy because you dont want to be.
But I feel like I am starting to finally find me.
Maybe the reason I ever met you...
Was to become the person that fell in love, too.
While that's vague and unclear, that's okay by me.
I won't let the secret out before it's just meant to be.#dont, #care
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There's a ring in my pocket
A thought on my mind
All the barriers I could find
Long tumbled and over grown
I guess all there is now
Is to ask it#love
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