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justaacowboy's Friends

Online 28 days ago  

kellyvs32 y/o, 36 points

looking for something

Online 678 days ago  

crystina45623 y/o, 5 points

sometimes these eyes forget the face they're pee

Online 1008 days ago  

Pandoraskiss29 y/o, 71 points

Under Construction

Online 1279 days ago  

XjaylaX47 y/o, 116 points

fuck off

Online 1400 days ago  

JungleJim46 y/o, 33 points

Don't believe the hype

Online 1496 days ago  

seductiveangel25 y/o, 43 points


Online 1506 days ago  

JustinsGurl24 y/o, 40 points

i want my JerBear back.......

Online 1512 days ago  

Wishes23 y/o, 28 points

What is love?

Online 1519 days ago  

Fadingspark24 y/o, 4 points

Looking for appreciation

Online 1752 days ago  

acalypha24 y/o, 45 points

my names amy

Online 1925 days ago  

ruthmery9125 y/o, 16 points


Online 1926 days ago  

Jasmeet25 y/o, 0 points

"stolen just like a moment" u took away my heart

Online 2037 days ago  

marie8529 y/o, 0 points

i need love... i need you...

Online 897 days ago  

sheenas472430 y/o, 3 points

waiting to be found

Online 1316 days ago  

QQSACK26 y/o, 68 points

My name is Angela

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