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brenden's Friends

Online 42 days ago  

boulvard52 y/o, 45 points

Whats Next?

Online 377 days ago  

morninglight56 y/o, 743 points

There's a poem here for you

Online 863 days ago  

itsjustme25 y/o, 29 points


Online 977 days ago  

Pandoraskiss28 y/o, 71 points

Under Construction

Online 987 days ago  

pretypink2124 y/o, 108 points

I never doubt myself!

Online 1231 days ago  

clown23 y/o, 41 points

Be happy! :)

Online 1248 days ago  

XjaylaX47 y/o, 116 points

fuck off

Online 1330 days ago  

CCR24 y/o, 7 points


Online 1395 days ago  

Ez2224 y/o, 13 points

Fading away..

Online 1402 days ago  

Slonelover1025 y/o, 4 points

Rebecca Dawn (:

Online 1481 days ago  

Wishes23 y/o, 28 points

What is love?

Online 1633 days ago  

Bri91828 y/o, 11 points

Poetry gives me an outlet

Online 1666 days ago  

lindz24 y/o, 4 points

love my life

Online 1699 days ago  

Tippi12325 y/o, 84 points

What is the meaning of love?

Online 1766 days ago  

styne30 y/o, 0 points

Hi Im StynE...

Online 1794 days ago  

Stephensgrl23 y/o, 4 points

Baby Girl looking for someone to talk to

Online 1818 days ago  

djdiamond8935 y/o, 0 points

Looking for a honest soul mate

Online 1823 days ago  

randimichelle24 y/o, 0 points

I love Joey Payne.

Online 1864 days ago  

nicole45625 y/o, 1 points

~cOuNtRy GiRl~

Online 1886 days ago  

ilmike23 y/o, 4 points

Missing him

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