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babigirl27's Friends

Online 1682 days ago  

nexXxus24 y/o, 38 points


Online 1740 days ago  

john-paul25 y/o, 143 points

Shakespeare's prodigy

Online 1890 days ago  

thisismylifenow25 y/o, 1 points


Online 1909 days ago  

Victorsgurl9824 y/o, 15 points

I Love To Write

Online 196 days ago  

SweetestSin25 y/o, 280 points

Slowly dies from a broken forever.

Online 267 days ago  

Underdlights25 y/o, 52 points

Howdy Ya'll

Online 399 days ago  

John McKay Withey64 y/o, 171 points

Love,Life & Liberty

Online 620 days ago  

greeneyedgirl42 y/o, 157 points

As stated Green eyed girl

Online 745 days ago  

diamante_hielo 21 points

Online 935 days ago  

Zach B28 y/o, 69 points

Been gone for awhile

Online 1021 days ago  

Leif41 y/o, 38 points

Ignorance is bliss

Online 1023 days ago  

Lisa7934 y/o, 0 points

Had my share of heartache in the

Online 1044 days ago  

catanduanes40 y/o, 21 points

tHe OnLy PoWeR MuScLe ThAt I hAvE iS mY BrAiN

Online 1220 days ago  

pOEtAtHearT27 y/o, 34 points

WOrds can say

Online 1239 days ago  

JMICHAELD24 y/o, 9 points

i love qqsack i love qqsack i

Online 1517 days ago  

Kalin105 y/o, 33 points

Poerty Is A Passion But Is It Your Dream?

Online 1554 days ago  

Frank Ortega 22 points

A person

Online 1562 days ago  

mfinney37 y/o, 30 points

A broken man

Online 1649 days ago  

sexymoonfairy23 y/o, 153 points

Memento Mori! (Remember you must die.)

Online 1708 days ago  

ecnamorkrad29 y/o, 2 points


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