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JimGlunje's blog


our fate

Jim I love you can't you see?
Love is real, at least to me
In my heart, only you hold the key
to make me feel alive and to set me free

I miss you're gentle playful way
and the kidding things you'd say
and I miss too your quiet side
and all the things I know you hold inside

For it is your soul I feel and can't erase
I can't wipe the smile from my heart
only the tears that flow upon my face
without you, I just fall apart

of my very essence you are now a part
I felt a spark of love and care from the start
and though you made no false promise to me
it's with you, by your side, I feel meant to be

So if you read this sorry sounding note
please don't say "that's all she wrote!"
or make me realize it's all been a joke
because I want to recall the kindness that you spoke

I love you forever and a day
I'll cherish you in my own fallen way
I'll try to hang on as my heart feels broke
Please, don't let our love go up in smoke

Under a shade tree by the river of love I wait
the river flows slowly with certain passion
in undulating and wavelike fashion
saying, love was meant to be our fate

So there I'll wait



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it reminds me of him ... ;c

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