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I love poetry


About me

I love poetry and i love to write. I have enjoyed doing such as long as i can remember. I started writing poetry since i was little not masterpieces but small ones. now i write about pretty much what is on my mind. So basically love and anger. The perfect teenage moods. well that pretty much wraps it up!Hope you like what i write.

My blog (4)

A life

I wish I knew what this world
Has to offer me.
Such as…
Where I would go,

My Phobia

I have a fear of sleeping at night,
I have a fear of blinking constantly,
I have a fear of dreaming when you are my sight,
And I have a fear of thinking as I close my eyes tightly.

My thoughts

You will never know many things about me
But most of all you will never know
how much you mean to me.
No one will ever know

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