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torn between two lovers

I can’t fight this feeling than I feeling

I’m torn between two lovers and I can’t let go

As my heart grows closer to making my decision

The more and more my love for them both grows

They both tell me that they love me and they’ll never let me go

If only they both knew, I loved another too

Everyone’s telling me this is a decision only I can make

When really they don’t understand this Is a burden I can’t take

 I don’t wanna lose either of them I’m afraid to let them go

But if I stay trapped here in the middle people will think I’m a hoe

But really, it’s not like that they don’t know the facts

I’m torn between two great guys and there’s no turning back

At first, I use to think there no good guys out there

But now I’ve found two and it really isn’t fair

Its not like I planned this, I dint know from the start

It’s too late to turn back now cause I have two lovers in my heart



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