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Platinums life.


mum, is there something wrong with me why cant i be perfect?

Mum, is there something wrong with me. why does everyone treat me differently.
Why cant i be perfect like everyone else.
Cant you see im just as kind and caring.
Is it because my hair isnt always perfectly striagh. Is it because i dont pass every subject at school.
Maybe its because my mum and dad our diviorced or because we are close to poor.
It is because im not skinning like all the other girls.
Or because im not as confident and scared to stick up for myself.
Havent you relaised i am as normal as anyone in this world today.
I may not be skinny, blond, or have big boobs and the best thighs.
I dont let just anyone into my pants or act like im a princess.
It makes me sad that i cant be like everyone else.
Loved, smart, skinny, rich, just plain perfect.
But most of all why cant everyone love me for me expectaly you mum.



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Cassie, My name is Lindsay.
Look, I'm sorry if I offended you, but uh, number one, I wrote that poem three years ago. And number two, you don't know me or my friend. She was going through tough times, but she only put it on herself. And number two? She cut her wrists for attention.
I've been in WORSE than her position (I think that's what you meant to say) and guess what?
I BATTLED depression.
I'm sorry if you're going through some stuff.
Just so you know, I give advice.
Think about it, okay?


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