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kim1512's blog


huh!!!!!!! i hate her

man im already tired of her shes still talking all her shit and this is what she fuckin told me........HHHHUUUUHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*Well sucks that you are living a lie, he has cheated on you so many times that you don’t even realize it and yet you still try to live in a “fantasy world” with him. You’re over protective(when you should have been like that last year instead of this late),You think everyone in the world wants your precious paps when in reality he wants everyone else and you know its true that’s why you take control, you know he’s not satisfied with you and yet you continue to thrive for a “new day”(meaning you THINK things will get better and he’ll change, when he’s just trying to make you leave first),you make others feel bad about themselves because your insecure with your own image. You talk crap to people because you’re intimidated by them and you know they have something better than you. Sorry honey, that’s just how it is. you and him just got together last year so how has it been two years?(maybe that’s how long you and him have known each other)and he’s too good for you(even if he’s the one cheating)…harsh reality!!!*



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