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shareefa's blog


are you the man

Day after day I see my life night before my eyes,
night after night I’m alone always wondering why.
I’m feeling my heart ache as my dreams fade away,
I feel the lost of love each and everyday.
You think that we are alright cause you think my pain is gone,
but you seen the tears I have cried and yet I’m still alone.
You are the man that I gave my heart to,
you are the man but do you feel the same as I do?
Where are you now when I need you the most?
Where you are now are you somewhere close?
Are you able to love me back? Or will you turn the other way?
Will you give me your heart and make it easier to stay?
Can you treat me right and calm my fears?
Take all my pain away by wiping my tears.
Hold me in your arms pull me in so close,
let me know i’m loved that’s what I need the most.
So tell me now and tell me true
are you the man I want and will you love me as I love you?



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I know u r trying to reveal your feelings to the world. I don't know how sincere they can hear u

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