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mvvenkataraman's blog


Your Advice Is A Prize, You I praise

Heart is a very small thing
But, for body it is the king
If it is constantly ticking
Body, soul will be liking

Life itself is very brief
Falling like a dry leaf
Time is a terrific thief
Will end give relief?

I am given by all advice
That being brief is wise
In this way they criticize
My heart says otherwise

Dear man, let me live long
For that only I sing a song
Good health please prolong
Let me healthily come along

Of course if life is too short
It means smart is not heart
If it plays a limited part
How can we enjoy comfort?

“I love you” is a short sentence
But, life-long it carries sense
Gates of Heaven it surely opens
By joy of love, ecstasy deepens

O- God- All are really correct
Their suggestion is perfect
My mind their words affect
Let it create the best effect

Too many words I use
But I very deeply muse
I try to give the best news
I want to transfer my views

Can not me be for that forgiven?
After all I also live under the Sun
I deeply love each and everyone
By writing more I derive true fun

Still I will try to be wisely precise
Let me do some brainy exercise
Let my personality be made nice
Surely I will with intelligence revise.




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