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Where's My Advocate?

There were several times I felt quilt for never expressing myself to you and telling what was on my mind at given times. Part of my reasons were fears that lived inside and my selfish ways of never saying I love you back when you said it with passion. It’s true what they say that you never know what you got until it’s gone. You were a part of my heart that kept me alive and breathing.

My blood vessels streams with the memories of you and how I really missed loving you. There are many things that resemble how we used to cuddle and share the ecstasy that was so remarkable.

Where did I go wrong? Where in that love song was there hate of misinterpretation of affection? How is it possible for a person to go the wrong direction when there are no intersections? You were my dictionary when I was lost for words.

Where is my advocate to represent my regret for never giving you the things you always gave?



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