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The Song You Cried

How do you find the words to express the feelings you have kept a secret for long? Why do you replay that one song that gets you going into that state of mind? Why do we stay in that relationship knowing we will eventually get hurt again, time after time. We do believe the words they say don’t we? “I love you, I miss you. I don’t want to be without you. It will never happen again” We open our arms and embrace such pain. We learn to forgive and oversee mistakes. We hope for a brighter day. Who are we fooling when the sun is out we remain in the shade.

There is no perfect but practice until we get it right. We practice to love, live, and try to find the better things in life. 

We ignore the obvious and push away those who try to come in between our love. Then later on we regret it because eventually we should had listened to them. The world is what you make it. Good things come and go. Better cherish the moments we take for granted. When do we wake up and realize the love that once existed is no longer valid?  

You may love all you want, but when the respect is gone. You will find yourself replaying that song. The song that gives you hope and eases your pain. The song that reminds you there is always another day. The song you cried over and laughed those nights. The song you fall asleep to while waiting up all night.

          So put the cork back on the bottle and wipe off those tears. You have cried your last cry. There is nothing to fear.

Things we go through is a test in life. We all eventually pass if we follow the light. Like, a friend told me once “always look on the bright side”



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