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RyanSamson177110's blog


The One..

Baby, Baby..

When we first kissed our hearts glowed and pumped full with love,
I will play the chords to your soul and play the melody till we're holding hands,
I will make you breakfast I will give you morning kisses and hugs,
I see your enchanted body glisten and see your beautiful smile as I wake up,
My heart has your name on it no one can erase it even if they tried,
Because i'm following my heart and my heart tells your the one,
Whenever we're apart I just can't do,
I miss you when i'm away, I miss your gentle touch,
I would be your man and you would be my lady
No one can come across us because we're meant to be,
This is powerful because "love" is a very strong word and I just want to tell you...

I Love You Baby..<3



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