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LoveStruck13's blog


Sweetest Man On Sweetest Day

Big sweet eyes,
you've got me mesmerized,
its then that i realized,
that your my only prize.
The things your eyes do, buy you do not say,
makes me body yearn for your lovin day after day,
and the thingd you do say, oh the things you say,
how it puts me in the mood,
and from that moment i know im screwed,
you see it in my eyes and the closer you get,
and my reproduction glands have a fit.
Fulfill a fantasy is what you start to do,
and by now im on you like glue.
As your hot masculine hands slowly slide down my torso,
my infatuation for you grows.
You lift me up, and i wrap my smooth legs around your bear waiste,
and place my lips upon your soft moist lips,
like champain is how you taste,
and for that you are my sweetes man on this sweetest day!



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