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Missing you so

I always daydreaming about you
 when i am alone its you all i think about.
And when I sleep
your loving face is haunting me.
I wanted to be with you,
to be close to you and lay beside you
and feel your heartbeat next to mine.
I am missing you so much my darling,
I want to kiss you hug you and touch you.
When we are together it feels like heaven.
Everything  is like paradise for me.
I can not go on without you,
I am nothing with out your love.
You're all that I want,
you are the one that makes me feel alive.
A day with out you is a day of misery.
A glimpse of you makes me smile
and keeps me going for another day to come.
I miss you so much my love.
I love you and i always will my dearest heart.



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