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Just Once More

As I wondered about the words that I said and things left unsaid. I think about how I tried so hard to forget. Yet, I think too much therefore I confess who created this mess. I don’t love you less or more so I don’t love that you left. It was me then, who left you to cry and wonder why. Why things turned out so wrong, and who started the fire or who left it to burn more.

The stress has gotten the best of us and for what? She said, and he said, and we said, and we all just said. Would we ever or did we ever give it a rest? You’re right, I’m wrong. I’m right, you’re wrong. Your turn, my turn. You hurt, I hurt. You cry, I cry. We cried. Do you understand why? Tonight I saw your face but this time it was different. This time I saw you for not what you are, but for who you are. That thought has scarred my heart.

This has gotten too far and we let it reach beyond it limits, our limits. I tried to reason, but you’re not listening, so why even continue this another season? I loved you so much and those special moments I will keep close to my heart. Why do human do things without a second thought and then hurt later after the cause? Mistakes are bad even more knowing it’s wrong. Is it a mistake you let yourself be seen in another man’s face?

How could something like this ever be erased? How come I feel like a rabbit and you’re the turtle in this maze? I was one step behind and you’re a journey ahead. I should have known. It was him the other day. Blinded by the excuse you said, “He’s just a friend” the one who came to the house, the one who looked at you always with a grind smile. I feel numbed yet so sore…I must be foolish to have let this happen just once more…



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