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cubzscout's blog



I sit at corners

all i ever do is wait and stare.

I listen to their conversations,

Dont have a clue about anything within their words.

I just stand aside

abiding eyes that glare at persons

who are always by themselves.

Forever, groups of friends,

they walk past.

I did not want to get into their way,

so i just stood away from them.

That was all i ever did.

Living with insufficient light shining on paths,

are my days.

Moments that have none to share with...

An empty dining table

was my dinner every night.

Gifts and talents aren't always what i live for.

My mind is always drowned with confusion and thoughts of emptiness.

Will this suffering go on till death?

I wish it won't.

This is not some type of nightmare

that you dream at night

and all you have to do is just wake up to end it.

But no, this is not a dream.

This is what happens after

we wake up in the morning..

How do we actually end this?

Modified by cubzscout

Modified by cubzscout


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