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AshNash's blog


Dear Steven

          Loving you is something you've never given me a reason for, and when I give you all I've got, you come back to squeeze me more. I'm tired of being your crutch, I'm tired of being your slave. But mostly I'm tired of loving you this much and getting nothing for what I've gave. I've told you who I'm not and I've told you who I am but you never listen and you just don't give a damn. There's always someone more important than me. Anyone and eveyone but me and you know it's a fact. Never have you said to me "Baby, I've got your back."
          You have no respect for me. You'll text her when I'm right there. You know you're slowly killing me and you don't even pretend to care. To you, I'm just a blowjob and a way for your ego to get kissed on. To you, I'm just a warm body, an amusement to be pissed on. I'm done crying myself to sleep again and again and again. I'm done listening to you tell me that the two of you are just friends. I don't ever tell my ex-husband, "And I'll love you with all of my heart." Yeah, hand me your phone before you delete those texts, that was really fuckin smart. 
          I'm almost at the point of no return where all thats left of us is the pain we caused and the bridges we burned. How is it so easy for you to turn your back on love freely given? Oh, that's right. To you, love is just a word used to stop people from trippin. Well, keep your damn lies and all those promises you broke. I'm done giving a shit and I'm done being your joke. Go find you another "Sugar Mama." Go find another way to get paid. See what you can get from your whore ex-wife. I hope she fuckin gives you AIDS.



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