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Days Are Getting Longer

Every step of the day.
Every moment of every hour.
Sitting here trying to devour.
Devour my thoughts.
Devouring my wishes.
Praying for another day.
Trying to go back to the same way.
What would you say?
Say I'll be okay?
I'll be okay.
What if i said i can't
I cant do this another day?
Everybody's talking about what I'll be like one day.
One day all alone.
One day with someone.
Don't you walk away.
Don't you walk away from here.
I'm trying to be someone.
Someone a little more clear.
Maybe a sparkle and a shine?
You want me maybe not all the time.
But here i stand without you.
Without myself in someways.
Here i stand in my own dream.
I might not be perfect.
But you never asked me to be.
Never asked me to be.
If this is are goodbye.
Were is are sunshine?
Am i suppose to laugh.
Not cry?
Am i suppose to wait.
In other ways am i suppose to dream?
There is no stars in this sky.
It is always gray at night.
My thoughts scatter.
My eyes glare.
Cuz why?
Cuz I've always wanted to be closer to you.
Closer to you.
Just leave cuz its better for me?
Its always been about me?
Cuz then you wouldn't be running.
Running in the world i live in.
It's not going anywhere.
I'll just stop and stare.
I'm in the center and everyones on the edge.
Your not the first to run away scared.
To run away scared...



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