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jabbo's blog


Dad's love

As I lay you down to rest
Smelling so new, with your heads on my chest
I pray that God protects you through the night
I pray that He blesses me to love you right
Of the many that will deny you
I stand beside you
I melt like snow in your hands
You amaze me with your simple plans
I know one day you will be gone
My house will be empty without my sons
Never forget the sweetness in you
When this world sends the real through
You are my sons, to love and mold
I will be there for you to grab, to hold
I lay you down in your beds
Pull your covers over you
I kiss your heads
I don't know how and I wonder why
You were given to me and my oh my
Am I very proud of your every success
I will step over your village that we call a mess
Turn off the hall light
I promise tonight
No nightmare will come
Nothing with make a noise
If it does, come to my bed boys
So, when you are grown, strong and stout
And you think I don't know what I am talking about
Wait a minute and hear me
Be leaders you were meant to be
Follow happiness and you will find
The pathway back home that most leave behind
You are mine
Through all space and time
Nothing about my love will end
Goodnight sweet boys
Don't wake up men
Take it slow
Steady as it goes
God and heavens know how I love you so.
Sweat dreams.



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The relationship with dads and boys can be a treasured one. It's often the very thing that keeps boys out of trouble as well. But it does go by so quickly...in the blink of an eye it feels. Enjoy those nice moments.
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I love this one......u are the perfect father!

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