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It’s like the feeling of hope that takes control of my mind.

The way she moves, the way she laughs, the way she makes me feel inside.

Her presence brings so much joy and light.

I ever see clearly the beauty in her eyes.

I love the little talks of words we exchange.

The way she breaks a smile to my silly jokes especially when she is sad on those given days.

When I look at you please don’t turn away.

I will love you like I loved you yesterday, today and ever more tomorrow the same.

Though there are things we go through in life we can’t explain. We know one thing. Love is strong and love keeps us going.

Love is worth the wait. It’s more powerful than you think. It’s the righteous way. I kissed you yesterday and ever since that day I never felt the same.

Those butterflies must be on steroids because my stomach is pounding away. I held you tight in my arms and felt your body connect with mine.

Though it was just a dream I think about it all the time. Let me show you that guys are not all the same.

While most are so called players. But how many can actually play a game of Chess? You see like the game of Chess I will be one step ahead and always keep my Queen safe.

Let the Bishop bless us and Knight protect us while we rest at the top of the Rook. Overseeing our castle.

All that we built and all that it took. This King will fight through the field of Pawns.

When all is said and done. Though I don’t like to be late it’s worth it when you finally get your Check Mate.



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