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John McKay Withey's blog


Celestial World

Late at night, look up high,
See the twinkling in the sky.
Ever wonder who we are,
When looking at a distant star?

Sun and Moon and mother Earth,
No one knows about their birth.
Saturn, Venus and fiery Mars,
Wander around among the stars.

Hurtling meteors trace a path,
Of showery sparks, etched with wrath.
Crashing through the atmosphere,
Among our skies they do career.

The Northern Lights of the Borealis,
Grace the skies like a heavenly palace.
Majestic colours of every hue,
Create a wondrous celestial view.

Seven Sisters or Milky Way,
Astrologers guide by night or day.
Trace the Plough or the Great Bear,
As focusing telescopes, we at them stare.

Through our galaxies spacemen travel,
At distant worlds they will marvel.
If other life should be out there,
Their unknown secrets we hope to share.

Written & (c) John McKay Withey 2008



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