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The1uwant2cum4u's blog


Can't Let Go

It hurts to have to reach out for you
when you are actually so near;
Its like shouting out for someone
with a voice they cant even hear

but i am done reaching for you
you will forever be your own;
i hope this is all worth it,
is it worth being left alone?

should i just simply move on
and once again be free
free Of all the pain you have caused
that still resides in me

that keeps me bound to you
my heart is shackled in your chains
and if a try to break free
at what cost will i pay? wat will be left of the remains?

risk losing my heart over pride
is that really what i would have to do
does that justify the reason of me
trying to break away from you

walking away always seems harder
for the person who is going to be left behind
i must be blind to even think that
cause your still in mind

So if it may seem to you
that i am still clinging to the past
its most likely because I can't accept
that our love didn't get a chance to last

as undeniable as the fact
that i just cant get over you
because a part of me still tells me
and believes you love me too

but the inevitable day is coming
when such false hope will surely die
and ill be forced to forget you
and give someone else a try..

wow...it took me so long
for something so easily figured out
im living in doubt...im not actually inlove with you..
its your love i cant live without

Written By Andraeahnlus Oniexerxes Legacy
Inspired By Priyanka S.U.



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wow. yeah it hurts more if that someone is so near yet u cant go to him and ask to be together.. so sad
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thats oh so true-- especially when you see them happy with someone else and you dont have a feeling of jelousy but you have a feeling of less of self worthiness...and you just want to cry and ask...why?...why cant "we" be together -
thank you for your comment

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