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deadpoet7's blog


Bested (Game of Love)

Of all the things to lose in,
There is one simple game I cannot win.
It isn't played on a field of dirt,
But rather, a place where you can get hurt.

This game is beautiful and excellent,
If you win, then i guess it's time well spent.
But if you lose this wretched game,
I promise, you will never be the same.

Just look at me, the way I walk,
The way I act, live, and talk.
You can easily tell I am no winner,
But I am certainly not a beginner.

I've played this game once or twice,
Hoping the whole time to better my life.
Everytime I lose this game,
I hang my head in sorrow and shame.

My future may seem like a dark gloom,
But you aren't forced to suffer the same doom.
I feel like I've been bested,
By an angel thats been ressurected.



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