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white's blog


love at fouth dimension

This is my story once again
Lost in the city where I have no say
A goddess in my arms as I go insane
Everyday I wake up having a brighter day

But this is not a fairy-tale
It is the best way to be insane
Once again this current flows through my vain
With a deep passion that I can’t explain

Show me! The man, who says,” life is vanity”
And I will show a man who has never experienced love insanity
I poet, with much imagery
Can’t even explain this love strategy

I will stand by you like the mountains
I will take you to the top like Edmund Hillary
For eternity I will be your sanctuary
For life without you, will be a life of Tom, Dick and Harry

I will say this loud!
Your love keeps me flying like a dove
In my heart you will be placed above
Your love is tossed into my heart like a dice

And keeps on telling me true love never dies.
Even in strive and strife, you stand and said “am yours for life”
This is my story once again
Once again, am love insane.

Composed by: White



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