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morninglight's blog


A day at the fair

Five dollars will get you into the State fair
Well worth all the sights and sound and flavors there
You park your car and feel the Fall air
As a tractor pulled wagon train takes you there

Bumpety-Bump you boucne and sway
Watching people wallking as you pass their way
Stop to deboard at the fair entrance gate
and soon inside after a short wait

Colors and sights and sounds you see
There not to much nicer place to be
An Elvis song fills the distant air
and you make a B-line there

Negotiatie among the crowd
to hear the music beating loud
Passing booths and foodstand along the way
and games of chance that people love to play

Familys everwhere and their kids
playing games of chance and placing bids
But today everyone is a child
Young and old either smile or just smiled

Roasted peanuts, ice crea, cotten candy,
Apple turnovers, and treats exotic and dandy
Pizza, steaks sandwiches, fish and chips
soups and delicacies to make you lick your lips

So many things to taste and sample
and these were just an example
If people watching is your thing
Then the fair is King

People walking everywhere
by foot, or with cane or wheechair
Nobody seems to have a care
While they're at the fair

Pay another fifty cents
and you can enter special tents
like the dog show and sale
a hundred barking dogs eager to tell their tale

A beagle a daschound or corgi
its akin to a dog orgy
tales wagging and dogs in cages
Eager for new owners to spend their wages

But there is more around aisle
I ain't seen nothing like this for quite a while
Wheels spinning and hawkers hawking
people rubbing shoulders as they're walking

Everybody is having a good time
Even those standing on line
For their fresh-baked blueberry muffins
or turkey dinners with all the stuffin's

In the agricultural halls there is more
prize winning chickens, roosters, show their score
Horses, ponys, pigs, and sheep
Some awake and stiring and some asleep

Wow, this is a fantastic place
a bit of everyting in this large outdoor space
Too bad its not like this everyday
I think all my sadness might fly away

so today I can't complain
about the sadness or pain
it was pretty good today
I think I'd rather play

I walked by the stand
where I once won you a little doll
and I thought of you and remembered it all
Things didn't turn out like I planned

Even though you've gone away
and couldn't share this day
But I remembered that time long ago and far away
But somehow it was OK

©  James T. Adair



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jim i like yUur poem!!! itz sure nice!!!=)
hope yUu had a nice day there!!!

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