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Sugababe's blog


A New Day Is Dawn

Today marks the first day of me accepting my loss

After all the pain and turmoil; I made it through with remorse.

It seem so bleak as I reminisce, bout the days I will miss

And the way we showed our loved, we were filled with bliss.


It feels like forever since we last part

When you decided to move on and break my heart.

It was the worst day of my life, I thought I would die

So much pain you gave me that day and that is no lie.


I loved you then and I love you now

You have moved on and like I don’t know how.

You replaced me so quickly with someone undeserving

Of all the love and all you give, and it is so unnerving.


But I have to learn to let you go and it’s harder than it sounds

To look past my love for you, which, around my heart it mounds.

It’s going to be tough but hope I’ll find a way

To be your friend and be there for you, each and every day.


A new day is dawn, so bright and askew

With lots of hope and dreams I wish to pursue.

I must set my love free in the clouds floating high

And gather enough strength to say “good bye”.








                                                                                          22 years

Dec 2007



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