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Tearing inside,
but don't know why
i felt perfectly fine
i care but i don't
i was leaving you in the smoke
but you come back stronger and more addicting then ever
you hurt in places i didn't know i had
you left are love behind
and i cherished it every time
now I'm gone then you leave
hoping we can be free
but you come back
10 times stronger
10 times more addicting
now its up to me
so I'll let you be
then we were fine
you bring it up
i put it in the back of my mind
why cant you leave these thoughts behind
so we can move on
you aren't my one
and I'm definitely not yours
you put me threw so much pain
but ill let it go
because nothing has changed
your still the same
never caring
never there
good bye what i thought was love.
it was all fake.



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