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ilu_Gorgeous's blog


To my Teddy Bear

I've seen a palace in london
I've seen a castle in whales
But I'd rather wake up beside you
And breath in that farmilliar smell
I've been down to gorgia
I've seen the streets of the west
I've driving down the 90
Hell I've seen America's best

Ive been through the rockies
I've seen saskatoon
I've driving down highway one
Just hoping that I'd see you soon

I'm coming home
Coming home

I've never been to alaska
But I can tell you this
I've been to Linclon Nabraska
And hell it ain't worth sh*t

I'm coming home
Coming home

I never thought you could leave me
I figured I was the one
I understand your sadness
So I guess I should just hold my tounge

I'm coming home
Coming home (x2)

I know that we're takin chances
You told me life was risk
I just have one last question
Will it be my heart
Or will it be his?

Comin home
I'm coming home...
I'm coming home
Coming home

To my Teddy Bear - I love you, Sweetie Pie. [ L ]

Written by ilu_Gorgeous

Submitted by ilu_Gorgeous


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