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Joey Anzelone's blog



As I watch you walk,
Walk away from me,
I stand there and think,
Think of all the good times we had,
And wonder why you have left,
Left me to stand there all alone,
Alone in this cold dark world,
Still thinking if we were ment together,
Together we stand side by side,
Hand in hand together,
But as I stand there watching you walk away,
I think of all the cold things you have done to me,
All the things that will haunt me in my sleep,
Begging for revenge I will hope to get,
To get back from all the cruel things that have been done,
The time is ticking with my heart in my hand,
The time is almost up and soon it will end,
With the last seconds it will all be over,
And as I watch you crying before its gone,
I want to chage it all...
But it's to late now were gone,
And as I'm lying here in pieces all over and done,
I'm glad it's over!

Written by Joey Anzelone

Submitted by Joey Anzelone


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