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You Don't Need Stitches To Hold Yourself Together

Life is a rocky road sewed with many stitches, and even though the stitches are strong something seems to always go wrong missing a stitch, it starts making a hole but you have to sew it up like sewing up your soul. When you're half way done with your stitched up sweater it starts to look better and better but it's still not ready to be worn yet cause it is not yet done...so you keep on stitching having your fun. Finally three quarters of the way there, something stops you from moving on from there. You're needle is bent the sweater won't be done till tomorrow and as you start to put down the cloth you are filled with sorrow. In the morning you buy more needles from the store and run back home to stitch some more. But you see your dog has chewed on it a bit making holes and more deep pits. So you stitch them up as best you can and go on sewing, when you'll be done, who knows when. You sit and sit working on it trying to avoid making more pits going around disasters in the fabric and trying not to mess it up, but then it's just your luck. You're almost done when the house sets on fire bringing flames higher and higher you leave the sweater and run out quick, you are safe but the sweaters still there. When the fire is over men stomp threw the debree and then they look and what do they see? That almost finished sweater in it's beautiful blue color and then it makes them think. A half stitched sweater is a lot like life. You mess up a lot and never reach the end. But when you almost get there you realize you don't need a needle and thread to run on. Cause when you’re almost ready to be an adult on your own you don’t need stitches to hold yourself up strong.

Written by SixStepBreaker

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