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Brittney22's blog


Together out of hate

Do you remember when we got together it was like fait.
Like we were brought together out of other peoples hate.
We needed someone to lean on and help us get through,
all of the sh*t other people put us through.
So we have held each others hands sense about November.
Even though sh*ts got rough,
YOU I will always remember.
I never thought things could get bad between you and me.
It was like a fairy tail that I could hardly believe.
But like every story it comes to an end.
But to me we will never only be friends.
YOU could have a baby mama, a wife, and three girls on the side.
But if you ask for my help, I’m always down to ride.
We have a deeper bond then just a relationship.
We friends, lovers, and all that sh*t.
So know that I love you know matter what happened to you.
Because when I needed you the most you ALWAYS came though.

Written by Brittney22

Submitted by Brittney22


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