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Kyle West's blog


Thoughts and Words

We were going to try again,
Back up and start at square one.
So it turned out to be another man,
There was always something I thought I knew.
Why are you deceiving me like this?
Thinking I wouldn't find out.
My love for you never died; we had something.
So maybe I thought I knew.

Maybe God had blessed the broken road,
Had He let me fall into broken arms of love?
Should there ever be an us again?
My thoughts were corrupted about you.

I still remember that stifling night in August,
You crushed my heart with those cold-hearted words,
This is over; it can't be worked out.
Maybe I never knew you, could it be true?

Those words will always be echoing inside my head,
Serving as a reminder of my heart that bled.
How could anyone possibly be mad at you?
I thought I knew about you.

Written by Kyle West

Submitted by Kyle West


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