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Popular Hair Styles

Dishevelled, tousled and slightly neglected looking hairstyle is very popular for today. popular hair styleWith the help of modern hair styling products (mousses of different degree of setting, for exam) you can style unique and beautiful setting in 10-15 minutes. From my own experience, I know that it's better to style hair when it is wet, just dry hair with bath towel. You can also use blow drier if you wish to get a hairstyle looking volume and fluffy. The haircut without any volume effect styled with the help of mousse, gel or spray can be offered due to the lack of time. It will allow you to have natural and feminine look and even sophistication. Poodle is a poodle and no matter how much we strive have volume hairstyles, the short well-groomed hair, set smoothly and neat almost always looks more refined and great.~ 2005 Popular Hairstyles. Elegant Tousled Looking Updo ~

halle berry hair styleHalle Berry. She doesn't have thick and long hair, but Halle Berry looks young, neat and feminine. You can create such hair-do by your own hands. Wet hair with water and trim hair ends and bang to desired length with sharp scissors. Wait when your hair will totally dry and apply a color to them and after coloring wash out it thoroughly according to instruction for use. In addition, you can wash your hair with the best shampoo or shine shampoo that will make your hair shinier (as to me, I like Nivea Shine Shampoo. On New Year's Eve I was able to create a hair-do with a natural shining and great look). Then dry your hair with towel and rub a little amount of lotion into your hair at the roots (for exam, I don't apply a lotion to entire length of hair. I just apply it to the hair ends which I want to twist in desired direction). The stylists recommend that if you want to get the effect of «Halle Berry» you should apply a setting lotion to hair and style them with the round brush and drier to the top. But if you want to maintain the shine and cleaness of hair it will be better to avoid using setting mousses.

In no way pretending the role of professional adviser I can just tell you about how I dressed up a very great looking impromptu hairstyle on the New Year Eve. After spending a lot of time for cooking preparation, Christmas tree decorations, pool and shower and other work I have almost no time for dressing up my hair. The guests have already stepped over the threshold and I was in panic.

Dry hair with towel. Take a thick tooth comb. Then comb smooth the left side of hair to the right side. Twisting the hair ends into a long arc shape from the right side I apply a mousse of strong fixation to the smoothly pressed hair over the ear. From the right I divide the arc shape into several feathers sections and apply a mousse (it turned be a stage from three arc-like in shape sections with subtle ends pressed to cheek). The hair in front - the wave is arranged to the top above forehead and bang is correctly side parted from the wave, also arranged to the top without drier (I kept the bang for some time into necessary direction, holding it in rounded shape with fingers and applying a little amount of mousse to the hair ends.) The lower hair line at the neck should be twisted to the top with the help of drier, brush and mousse.

It took me 20 minutes more for putting the beautiful ear-rings on, manicure (created in advance), make up, exquisite parfume (Shanel 5 or France perfume “Givenchy Oblique”), shoes and advanced well thought-out apparel. I was looking like princess. The New Year party was really sucessful.

And money, that I would pay in beauty salon for New Year hairstyle, I used for buying more gifts for my friends the day before …
But let's return to celebrities.

judi dench hair styleActress Judi Dench. It was her hairstyle that business ladies were craving for and that helped to get her Oscar. Of course in this case you are necessary to go to professional stylists that will help you to create such perfect hair cut. Point is that the razor but not scissors is used to create such great haircut that will give lightly irregular soft texture to ends but not primitively simple cutting. It is simple to create such hair style. Just apply gel or mousse to the slightly wet hair. Try to cover only hair ends correctly devided into sections but not at the ends or entire length hair (before styling you are necessary to dry hair with towel without using drier). Every hair ends should be covered slightly with mousse and drawing off with fingers shaped in natural looking wavy locks.

juliette binoche hair styleJuliette Binoche. The hairstyle of actress looks stylish, refined and classical conservative (the stylists say this type of hair-do were in fashion in 20s). You are necessary to apply a mousse to the entire lenghth of hair (the mousse of middle fixation are pouring into the plate and then apply in small amounts to hair from roots to ends. Your hair style will have a tousled neglected look. You can get a volume effect both at the crown and everywhere you wish. But as to bang, it would be better to avoid applying a mousse to it. It will remain clear with shine texture. You can just twist it round fingers and draw it to the top and style it in such a way that it will not fall below. Then apply some mousse to fingers to give the volume shape to locks. Arrange locks in desired direction and don't move your head for 10 minutes. Let your hair to dry naturally.

Meanwhile you can relax for a cup of cofee or talking on the phone. And the last step of hairsyle creation. Take a drier and hold the strands with fingers protecting them from the heat air blowing and dry every side of head separately: first, from one side clockwise and back (drawing off with fingers and lifting a little, and then the same way go to another side. The drier should blow aside a little. All of these methods will give a great volume and tousled look to your hair that is so popular for today. I'd like to advice for those who don't prefer to wear volume hairstyles to wet palms with mousse and to run over the surface of hairstyle. Try to make it carefully and neatly and you will remove all of the undesired irregularity in your hairstyle. So, you will have a great stylish and neat hair-do.

dido hair styleDido. The hairstyles of such type like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Such haircut is like the look of fresh wind, clear air, youth and travels. The setting mousse is applied only to the hair ends to avoid adhesion. The strands in this case should hold separately from each other. I have already arranged such hair-do. I should say that it is laborous process to create the hairstyle like that. Every time after setting I wanted to take a comb and brush the hair in one wave. You will not able to dress up such hair-do in a short time. It is necessary to divide wet hair into separate locks to get a similar volume. Wet the hair end with mousse (first apply the mousse to fingers and then to the ends of locks) and let every hair end dry naturally, holding it with fingers, drawing off and twisting it a bit into desired direction.

When arranging my locks I give a volume to my hair at the crown and on each side (wet fingers with mousse and with rounded motions at the hair roots I dress up hair to the top to get a high volume effect (especially at the crown) all over the head. You can use a drier without using any brushes but be careful as it can give a highly tousled look to your hairstyle and your work will come to nothing (just try to manage to direct a drier only to the separate locks). Set your hair drier at slow but heat regime. Then wet your palms with mousse and run over the head. It will give a neat and complete look to your style. By the way, you can add a hot detail to your hair-do. Here one wavy strand can be twisted intricately (it will look better if it will be the very long strand near ear). You can choose an irregular grade-by-grade parting for such hairdo where a bang should be shoter than in the picture and even straight.

And one more exam of hairsyle with dry hair (let's suppose that you washed your hair the day before). Take several strands and with the help of mousse twist the ends of strands round the fingers all over the head, except the crown. You should twist the strands like wisps between two fingers drawing them strongly aside and bending (the mousse of strong and middle fixation). Also, I make a braid with mousse and comb thoroughly the crown to have a neat look from behind. Then I strengthen the strands all over the head and even in a bang (bang should be turned aside and the parting should be irregular). The lower line of hair at the neck should be arranged as feathers. It will be better to turn them aside a little. You will get promt hairstyle (it is not for formal events or office) that will look unique, sexy and attractive.

Written by Trisha Wood

Submitted by Trisha Wood


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