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Xpressrive's blog


Makin' Sweet Love

Verse I:
Candlelights. The fires right, and we be makin’ love
Oooo! Weee baby. You feelin’ so good
And I knew you would. And I think you should
Keep on doin’ what cha doin’ to me babe.

I’ve never felt this way before. So intense
It hurts baby. I said it hurts baby (it hurts) so good
You got me lost in my emotions, tears fallin’ temperature
Risin’ and we moanin’ got me feelin so free babe

This is sweet love. The way we be makin’ sweet love, babe.
If I could, I would stay locked in this emotion foreva’
With you boo!
This is sweet love. The way we be makin’ sweet love, babe.
It’s understood, I’m yours! do what eva’ you want to me,
I’ll do the same to you,too!

Verse II:
A bottle of wine, some chocolate chips, coolwhip and strawberries
The mood is right, we feelin’ tight, we begin to trip
As we make (sweet) love thru out the night. Mmmmm. Feels so right
Keep on doin’ what cha’ doin’ to me babe.

Vindictive, so damn addictive, you go me trippin on it babe
Time has come for us to come, so come on baby, come for me
You went downtown and all around and I can say I’m lovin’ it
Feelin’ so good, eh! Yo’, got this girl ask for another hit

Written by Xpressrive

Submitted by Xpressrive


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