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Ened I.'s blog


Why wont you marry me?

What is it that you want from me?
You say that you love me....
But why won’t you marry me?
yeah you got me a ring.....
Although your proposal seemed fake...
If it were real, you would marry me....
What’s the matter maybe you don’t love me?
If you did, you would marry me....
Not because I ask you to, or pressure you to
But because you really do love me, and want to.
Are you afraid of me?
Do you only stay with me because of our daughter
or maybe because its convenient, sex, a women who cooks, cleans.
What’s up?
Why won’t you marry me?
Why do I have to pressure you to?
It shouldn’t be this way after six years, I waited wayyy to long.
Why do you think I stayed?
I thought with a family and all that you would, marry me...
I won’t stay with you much longer because if you don’t marry me
Someone else will!!!!

Written by Ened I.

Submitted by Ened I.


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why Buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?!

mean but true.

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Hey! I won't say stop loving him because that will be impossible. But you are gonna have to change some things. Talk with him, but don't criticize or seem like you are griping(as men call it). Do it in a way that he can feel your frustration and pain. Cry if you must. Men won't admit it, but they are a sucker for tears.:) However, don't be fake with anything. Withhold sex, even if he give you the best sex. You don't want to cause confusion, but you do want to let him know that you mean business. My mother's husband stayed with her for 15 years without marrying her. I won't say that he didn't love her, but he wasn't tripping about it if she wasn't. You don't want to wait that many years. Do you? Be as loving as you can, but also put your foot down. No! you don't want him to marry you due to pressure from you. But I do believe if you close your legs without closing your heart, you will see how much and if he really do love you like that. One of two things will happen: He will get it from someone else. or He will bring meaning to that ring he gave you some years ago. Unfortunately, the saying that Kristina posted is true. Hope your fiance will become your husband very soon.

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