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Steven I's blog


I Love You Melissa

No matter what happens I will always love you,
Because you are the only girl I am dedicated to.
We are in love so into each other,
But Sweet Thing believe me, I will never love another.I might act mean or treat you real bad,
The thought of us splitting up really makes me mad.
I should have given you more space and listened to you,
Listen to "What A Girl Wants" is what I need to do.
I need to grow-up and get more mature,
Then I will have you all mine for sure.
I'm getting better and learning day by day,
I'm gonna get you back, nothing will stand in my way.
If I could change the past, Baby you know I would,
But everyday I sit and think how I wish I could.
So I can fix my mistakes and my life,
Then I would go to the future and make you my wife.
But these are only wishes I know they won't come true,
But since I do love you, I will sit and wait for you.
If you come back, then we were meant to be,
If you don't I guess you just don't want me.
I'm here for you I want you to always know that,
For You are my girl, I am your man and that is a fact
I love you Melissa

Written by Steven I

Submitted by Steven I



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sweet mo naman

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