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lilred's blog


why do u do the thing u do!

why do u do the thing you do.

i thought u loved me. every thing u do it just herts me.

why do u do the thing u do i loved you , i cared for u, i was ther for u when u r mom died . i CARED!!where were u when i neede u . i looked all over just so i could be with u

no where to be found. every thin you do just hurts.

every since i picked up the phone , that is when it all started.
" i just cant be with you" just with those 6 little word it hurts.

i took u in, i gave u money, i gave u my car, and why would u do something to me like that. turned and u r friend . gurl friend and did my best friend.

like they say what comes around goes around. and when it comes for u it will hurt u just as bad as it hurt me.

i just seems like u were just to good to be TRUE.

Submitted by me
E-mail: lilred@yahoo.com


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