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A Poem for My Granny

It’s so hard for me to lose someone whom I truly love
To be able to wake up one day and then they’re gone.
It feels like a part of me has slipped away
And left me here to bear this all alone.For you were the one who stressed right from wrong
Who taught me to love and never to hate,
And anything that I ever talked to you about
It always seemed as if you could somehow relate.

You hold a special place in my heart Granny,
For your love is something I will truly miss
Because anytime I was ever sad or upset,
You’d give me a hug and top it off with a kiss.

Not everyone was lucky to have you in his or her life
To be able to take part in you’re special “gift”
Your smile would light up an entire room
And your words would give me that needed lift.

I can truly say I’ve been blessed to have you
Even though it feels like it hasn’t been long
I know in my heart one day we will meet again
And we’ll be singing one of our ole’ Gospel Songs.

So I’m not going to say a sad goodbye
More like a “see you when I get there”.
Because I know that things happen for a reason
And I’m so glad to know that you cared.

I Love You Granny

Your Granddaughter,

La’Wanda A. Johnson

by La'Wanda Johnson



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